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Dental disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem in pets.  Gingivitis, tartar, periodontal disease and tooth root infections are all areas of dental concern.  Oral bacteria from infected teeth can get into the bloodstream and affect other organs such as the heart and kidneys. Some signs of dental disease include: bad breath, dropping food, reluctance to eat hard food, or pawing at their mouth.

We offer full mouth dental x-rays (currently at our Truro office), scaling and polishing teeth; and extractions, if required.  The veterinarian will take the x-rays to help evaluate teeth below the gumline and determine if any teeth need to be extracted or if a tooth may be salvaged with some periodontal procedures.  


A trained veterinary technician will scale the teeth, above and below the gum line, to remove plaque and tarter.  It is important to clean below the gum line to prevent and treat periodontal disease. They will then polish the teeth, smoothing the surface which helps delay plaque and tartar build-up.

To help preserve the benefits of dentistry for long term oral health, we offer a variety of oral rinses, chews and dental diets. Ask us for a recommendation.