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End of life issues - Saying Goodbye to your Four Legged Family Member

The death of a pet is emotional and difficult. We understand and do our best to make it peaceful and respectful for all involved at the time. It will never be easy.

When is the right time? - There is no right or wrong answer to that question.  For us, it is a question of quality of life.  If the quality of the pet's life is perceived as poor or deteriorating, and the outlook for improvement is unlikely, then the decision to euthanize becomes clearer.  For a greater discussion of this issue of grading quality of life - I encourage you to go to the website:

How do we do the Procedure? (Euthanasia)
To make the process as peaceful as possible your pet will be sedated.  The sedation works in a short period of time (5-15 minutes) to make your pet calm and relaxed.  An intentional overdose of a barbiturate (anesthetic drug) is then given by intravenous injection.  Your pet will become deeply and irreversibly unconscious as the drug stops brain function. Any movement or breathing after that is reflex activity and does not mean that your pet is in pain or suffering.

Can I stay with my pet? - Yes - The choice is yours.  Should you choose to stay, we try to make the process easier by having a special room set aside called the "Comfort Room".

Do I have to stay?  - No - if you would rather not, and we understand that wish as well, we will do the same process without you there.

Can you come to my house? -Yes - within practical limits for distance and scheduling challenges, we will do our best to meet your wishes.

What happens after?   We call that After Care. We offer cremation and burial services through Peaceful Acres Pet cemetery in Ardoise, Hants County.  See their website at:
You will be asked if you wish for your pet to have an individual cremation, with the ashes returned to you, or a group cremation with burial of the ashes at Peaceful Acres Pet Cemetery. Some people are able to take their pet home and look after burial on their own property. They may choose to come prepared with their own bags, blankets or boxes to take their pet home, or use what we have here.

Dealing with the loss of your pet.  Grieving is natural and normal after the loss of your pet.  There are trained volunteers at the AVC Pet Loss Support Network, 1-902-388-0752. These volunteers are available to talk to from Sunday to Thursday, 6pm - 9pm, during the academic school year.  Their email is
If you wanted to honor your pet with a lasting legacy, you can contact the Companion Animal Trust Fund at the Atlantic Veterinary College.