Fundy Veterinarians Ltd

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Murray Siding, NS B6L 3M4


Health and Wellness

 - Annual wellness exams are a good opportunity to discuss preventative vaccinations, parasite control, nutritional counseling, insurance and microchip identification.

 - After taking a thorough history and a general physical exam we will work with you to help determine which vaccines are most appropriate for your pet.

 - We offer parasite control for fleas, worms, heartworms and ticks in a variety of combinations and in both topical and oral presentations.

 - Choosing a pet food can depend on many factors and we offer nutritional counseling to help answer questions and help clarify the wide number of choices available in the pet food market. We can then recommend a veterinary diet that would be appropriate for your pet's life stage and health status.

 - There are also a number of insurance products available to cover anything from accidents and illness events up to routine preventative care and prescription diets.

 - Microchipping has become a convenient way to permanently identify your pet if he or she gets lost or stolen. Any found animal is checked for a ship with a scanner. If one is found, we then contact the chip manufacturer, retrieve the owner information and call the owner to return the pet safely home.