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 Ticks may be found on pets even when a Preventive Products are routinely given. This apparent failure in tick control is usually due to heavy burdens of ticks in the environment which result in high re-infestation rates. In these situations, additional control measures, including environmental treatment, are often needed, particularly when homes are infested with brown dog ticks.


 When ticks are acquired from outdoors, the habitat around the home can be changed to affect ticks and wildlife hosts that can amplify tick populations. This includes closely cutting grass, removing brush piles and leaf litter, limiting ground cover around the home, and selecting plants that do not attract deer.


 All of the Ticks that infest Dogs and Cats also feed on People and therefore, can transmit many illnesses and diseases. People become infested with Ticks in the same way as Their Pets: by encountering the ticks in a tick-infested environment. Pets that are not kept on a Preventive product may bring Ticks into the home which in turn, move to people and other pets. This creates a risk for further infection. Keeping pets treated aids in a safer living environment.


 The following suggestions will aid in preventing Human infestation with Ticks and Infection with Tick-Borne disease agents:

·         Avoid known Tick infested areas when possible

·         Wear Light Colored clothing

·         Tuck Pant legs into Socks

·         Walk in groomed area of trails : avoid tall grassy areas

·         Perform Tick checks when vacationing or visiting areas where Ticks may be present

·         Shower, shampoo and put on Clean clothes after visiting areas where Ticks may be present

·         When a Tick is found, please remove it carefully with fine forceps such as Tick Twisters.Quick removal is important, as some infections can be transmitted after as little as 3 – 6 hours.