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Surgery - Anesthesia - Pain Management

When your animal comes in for surgery, it is usually a day procedure.  They would be able to have water through the night, but no food after midnight, and then arrive at our clinic around 8:30 in the morning. Surgeries are usually done in the morning and your pet is usually ready to go home later in the afternoon or evening; call for a pickup time.

We offer many surgical procedures at our clinic, including routine spays and neuters, soft tissue surgeries and simple orthopedic surgeries.  Occasionally we may refer our patients to appropriate specialists for complex operations.

During surgery we strive to have the safest anesthesia for your pet.  We customize our anesthesia protocols by the procedure and the health status of the patient.  Our patients are closely monitored by a trained veterinary technician for blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate and pulse oximetry.  Surgery patients are also administered fluids during surgery via an iv catheter.

Pain control and management is very important for our patients.  We use a combination of local and general anesthesia for pain control during the surgery procedures and also have medication to help manage post surgical pain after they go home.