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Over half of dogs and cats are currently overweight or obese.  This includes our clinic cat in Shubenacadie, Lennie.  Some of the factors that can contribute to obesity in pets, and that have contributed to obesity in Lennie include: free choice feeding (not measuring out a set amount based on caloric requirements), frequent treat feeding, rewarding begging behavior with more treats, and lack of exercise. In the case of Lennie, an additional difficulty was his ability to help himself to the “buffet” available on our food shelves, breaking into bags of food if he felt hungry.

When Hill’s Prescription Diets came out with a new weight management formula, we decided to try it on Lennie.  Based on his measurements, Lennie was at serious risk for obesity related health issues. He weighed 6.6kg and had 51.7% body fat. Ideally, he should weigh about 4kg. The clinic staff started measuring out his daily amount (1/2 cup) and recording when he was fed to make sure he wasn’t being re-fed by another staff member. He is allowed 2 treats per day and does receive one pill pocket, to take with his daily medication.

Hill’s Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution is not a restrictive diet. It promotes an efficient metabolism to regulate appetite (making the pet feel satisfied), convert fat into energy and build lean body muscle mass. It is available in dry, canned and treat formulas so that pets and their owners won’t feel deprived.

In the first 2 weeks, Lennie lost 0.3kg. He started becoming more active and showing more interest in playing with his toys.  In the first month, he went from 6.6kg to 6.0kg (a loss of over 1 pound). Staff and clients have noticed a change in his body shape as he becomes a leaner cat.

We are pleased to say that Lennie is not feeling deprived on the Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. He has not broken into any bags of food while on this diet and sometimes has a few kibbles left in his dish at the end of the day. Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution is an appropriate diet for long term adult maintenance, so Lennie will not have to switch to another food after he has reached his weight loss goal.
Best of luck to Lennie as he continues his weight loss challenge!

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